Ahimsa Yoga

Ahimsa Yoga with Astrid Tylla

The classes are a mix of dynamic and passive poses. They combine correct alignment with simple movement to improve body awareness and a focus on breathing. Back/Neck/Hip and Joint problems will naturally be addressed.

Join us to twist, lengthen and balance, to relieve tension and improve core strength and body awareness. Explore the beautiful journey of yoga. Calm your mind and feel more relaxed. Experience enhanced spiritual awareness, increased energy and a happier you.

Level 1: An introduction to Hatha Yoga, including the classic yoga poses, deep yogic breath, and relaxation.

Level 2: Deepen your poses, learn further inversions and strengthening poses and refine breath control.

The six week introduction course offers a gentle and slow way into yoga.
This course is suitable for the total beginner and for people with body restrictions. The perfect way to feel your way into yoga - totally relaxed at your own rate.

Yoga Therapy in WA

Yoga Therapy in WA

Private Tuition: Achieve your goals faster and more effectively. Also suitable for people who prefer to practice individually or as a couple.

Therapy Yoga: Specialized yoga that is designed to meet your individual needs. Work on poses that are particularly beneficial for a specific condition, injury or any areas of tension or weakness in your body.

Corporate Yoga classes can be held at a time that is suitable for your company for example during lunch break. Better team spirit and increased group activity. Yoga improves stress management and increased productivity, boosts self-confidence, concentration and decision making.










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