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Ahimsa Yoga with Astrid Tylla

Beginners and General Classes, Corporate and Pregnancy Yoga, Therapy Yoga and Private Tuition

Yoga in Rockingham WA

Ahimsa Yoga is located south of Perth in Western Australia.
We run classes throughout the week to suit different levels of fitness.

All classes care for the individual, from beginners to the advanced.
Therapy and pregnancy classes are adapted to accommodate personal needs.

The classes are held in a comfortable and peaceful environment where you are
invited to explore the transformation and joy that yoga brings to your body and mind.

Yoga offers a way of restoring inner peace and mental and physical harmony.
It teaches how to unite body, mind and spirit. It brings physical fitness and
increased flexibility with a feeling of well being.

At over 5000 years old, yoga is a system of physical and mental disciplines,
including breath control, meditation and body postures.
These ancient yoga practices have evolved over
the millennia to develop a sense of strength,
clarity of mind and inner purification.

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